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C Insights Africa is a market research and business intelligence firm in Nigeria, that provides unbiased, timely, accurate and verified intelligent data which enable our clients navigate the complexities of doing business in emerging economies; particularly Africa. 

We are the data and research partner for Investors and Organizations looking to explore, expand and drive business growth, by incorporating the realities of doing business in the continent into their business strategies and action plans. 

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Is your Business Data-Driven?

Beyond firmographic data, we provide business leads and up-to-date business data sets suitable for marketing, sales, and research teams to create market-entry strategies that build Startups and large organisations or explore potential challenges to your overall business objectives.

Equip your teams with our customized business intelligence reports and databases peculiar to your industry and other related sectors, to gain insight into economic policy, business trends and geopolitical developments.

One Platform. Multiple Use Cases

Oppotunities at CInsightsAfrica

Receive Comprehensive Information About Every Sector in Africa

We offer up-to-date intelligent data in a variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Telecommunications, Fashion, Beauty, Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Finance, Security Services, Micro, Small & Medium-size Enterprises, and Healthcare.

Our reports give you an in-depth analysis of these industries across Africa, particularly in Nigeria, as well as the laws and unwritten regulations that govern them. Additionally, they provide thorough assessments of trends, market segmentation, and leads.

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Verified data

Clean data is everything. Unverified data would lead to wrong insights, which will lead to wrong decisions. At C Insights Africa, we go through the painstaking process of verifying data. After all, what is data worth if it is untrue?



One challenge Africa has faced for years is the dearth of comprehensive data. We are here to solve it. Therefore, we provide comprehensive data for our clients, to help them make intelligent business decisions.

Local Sources

Local sources

Local sources are a bedrock of what we do at C Insights Africa and their input, invaluable. With over 500 researchers who are a part of different African communities, our clients can rest, assured that they will hear straight from the horse's mouth.



Our team know the importance of letting data tell the story and being ethical in the process, in order not to reinforce biases. Therefore, beyond working with a team who values the ethics of their profession, we also have processes in place to eliminate biases.



Time is life. Our data products and services are delivered promptly for clients to make smart decisions at the drop of a hat using AI-powered business insights. We also ensure that all our data products are up to date, to reflect updates in each relevant sector.

Why C Insights Africa?

  • Planning to invest or expand your business activities?
  • Looking to sell or buy products and services in the African market?
  • Need intelligent data to enrich your B2B Data?
  • Require analysed reports for strategic and action planning?
  • Seeking knowledge-based leads for African markets?

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Frequently asked questions about C Insights Africa.

C Insights Africa provides comprehensive and timely business insights for business ventures and investors who wish to expand into, sell to, invest in Nigeria and other African countries. These organizations are able incorporate the insights into their business strategy, to make smart decisions. No sugar-coating, no exaggerations.

To be the first choice for trusted, unbiased and comprehensive data about Africa, in boardrooms and research institutes.

Our data is comprehensive, unbiased, timely, verified and presented in ways easily understood by the user. With over 500 research experts across Africa and committed data analysts who clean the tons of data collated, we tell stories with data, that help our clients make smart decisions. 

At C Insights Africa, we provide firmographic data for all sectors within the Nigerian economy. While most data providers focus on high-level data sources, we have partnered with stakeholders in different sectors, public research organizations as well as over 500 grassroot researchers, to collate real time data, across the 36 states of the country, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Beyond our instantly downloadable datasets and business insights, we offer tailor-made data services, related to Nigeria and other African countries, for clients whose needs go beyond what our data products fulfil. 

With a collaborative team of over 50 researchers, we collate data across the 36 states in Nigeria. This includes data from all sectors of the Nigerian economy, as well as from different countries within the African continent. We have access to more than 20,000,000 residents within our collaborative database. Our local knowledge, access to residents from different demographics and strategic relations, enable us provide comprehensive, timely and cleaned data, converted into actionable insights. 

Excellence is important to us at C Insights Africa. This is why we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Our instantly downloadable data products are easy to understand, with visual representations of datasets, which enable novices in the related sectors grasp the insights at a glance. This has proven particularly useful for researchers and startup teams. Depending on the sector, our instantly downloadable data products range from 40 pages to 100 pages per report. Some of these reports contain data of key players in various sectors, with up to 95% verified contact details. This is a good tool for generating leads for marketing teams and forging strategic relationships for business owners, as well as investors planning to expand into or invest in these sectors/markets. 

We aim to provide impeccable client service to our clients and maintain constant honest communication with them at all times, to ensure that their needs are met. 

C Insights Africa’s APIs and datasets range from of $100 to $1000 per dataset. Speak to a member of our team to receive custom pricing options, information about data subscription fees and quotes for data products/data services tailored to your uses cases.

C Insights Africa provides the following categories of data:

  • B2B Leads Data
  • Firmographic Data
  • B2B Contact Data
  • Company Address Data
  • Telemarketing Data

Our data can be used for: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Strategy, B2B Data Enrichment, Business Development, Market Intelligence and Lead Generation.

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We would love to hear from you and help you find the best solution for your needs.


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